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Feb 25, 2011 at 04:42 AM

Facing problem with Value Attributes



I have created a value attribute under the context node. This attribute is editable field. User can enter value for this attribute on WEBUI.

Now, my problem is in GET_METHOD.

In get method, normally we get the value using "COLLECTION_WRAPPER" or "ITERATOR". If the attribute is BOL attribute , then we can get the value from these . However my attribute is value attribute, and I am unable to get the value using COLLECTION_WRAPPER or ITERATOR. So, when the user enters any value it is coming into GET_METHOD, and displaying blank value on the screen.

Now my bottom line question is: if the attribute is value attribute, how can we get the value in GET method.

Note: I can't add it as BOL attribute, for my case it is not possible.