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Feb 25, 2011 at 03:58 AM

Confirmation and CAT9 question


I need some information please.

When we went live on SAP back in 2007 we did not do the standard PM confirmations in SAP. We had our mechanics put their time to the work orders on the time cards which was entered into CATS and when CAT9 was done the pernr, day, hours, etc. were pushed to us and create the confirmation. Of course we only do this weekly for the previous week and for what are business was doing this worked just fine.

None we have a need to use the confirmations to give us a better view by day what the backlog is for maintenance on equipment at a particular project. The issue is we use actual labor cost. So if Jim the mechanic puts an hour to the order and he makes $32.50 per hour we get $32.50 plus various burdens (fica, fui, sui, 401K, etc.) and if Pete the mechanic also puts an hour to the same order and he makes $25.89 per hour we get that plus the burdens. So when we do the confirmations we want no cost associcated with it.

We want payroll to still give us the costs but along with that comes the hours - which we'll then double up on. Can we push the confirmations from PM to payroll to use for running payroll and then still get the costs back? Am I correct in thinking what some companies do is use the PM confirmations but when payroll is run the costs hit say the persons home cost center and CAT9 is never done? Basically you have the option of doing confirmations and no CAT9 or no confirmations and CAT9?

Any suggestions or places to start?