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Feb 24, 2011 at 10:41 PM

SRM SC not picking ECC Pur. Infor Record Price in Classic scenarion


Hi Experts,

We are configuring SRM7.0 with ECC6 ( Ehp4) having Classic Scenario .

In Classic scenarion we can use ECC Purcasing Infor Record as a One of the SoS. System propse inf record for In direct Material in SC problem..till here....but the Price shows zero and if we Order this SC it creates PR in ECC..although SoS assigned and all other fields are complete... I know there is no Price Picked up from Info Record tahts why it craeted PR in ECC.

Normaly, info records creates automaticaly once 1st PO of Material + Pur. Org we do not maintain the Price ( Condition)MANUALLY in the PIR in ECC... and if we craete any PO in ECC , system pick uip the price from last PO....its fine in the ECC...but in SRM, system do not pick up the last price of PO just like in ME21N (PO creation in ECC)...

1. Is it necessary that, to pick up the price from PIR , the Price ( Condition) should be maintained in the Condiion tab page ( or in the Net Price field in the Pur. Org 1 tab page ) ??

2.Is this SAP Standard behaviour ?

3..If yes, is there any way to pick up the last PO price from ECC ?

Thanks in advance