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Feb 24, 2011 at 01:45 PM

CRM 2007 Service Contract Determinatio and returns/complaints


Hi gurus,

I'm currently struggling to set up the contract determination for our CRM 2007 for complaints and returns. I have set the flag contract determination D or F (both did not work for my tests). as well in the transaction type customizing I have set und customizing header the determination to service contract.

According to SAP help the copy control needs to be set up as well? I did not quite understand yet why, but I maintained a copy control between my contract and my return. Any special settings needed between my source contract and target return?

last step should be the copy control for item categories? I maintained both:

- Define copy control for item categories

- Define item category determination when copying

From my contract item category to my return item category.

But still I don't have any contract determination in my return.

Any hints please?