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Feb 24, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Setting a default date value for input controls


Hi All,

I have created a webi report that shows - among other things - the activity between 2 dates. I have created 2 input controls where the user can select the start and end dates from a calendar for this.

The displayed data is restricted by a date variable which 'unfiltered' contains 1 month of data.

'out of the box' I can set these input controls and all works fine, but each time I open the report the same values that I set last time are set in the input controls. I want to have these default to being between today and 7 days ago with the user then able to move away from this action, rather than the 'window of interest' slowly slipping into the past.

I have looked at the forum posting default-input-control-values-in-webi-doc-on-open which describes setting a default on the objects in the report filter pane, but this does not appear to be possible as these are 'grayed out' and i need both the input controls to run from a single object.

Does anyone have any ideas how this might be achieved?

Thanks in advance