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Feb 24, 2011 at 09:12 AM

OBN - Unable to add iview to operation


Dear portal experts,

I'm experiencing problems when adding a custom iview to an operation on a existing business object.

The operation is called from a web dynpro application with POWL using launchpad (R/3 transaction LPD_CUST).

Calling the operation is not an issue. I get the popup in the portal saying that no iview is linked to this operation.

I have full permission on both folders in the PCD.

When I go to the business object in the PCD, I select the operation and navigate to my custom iview in the content tree. I get the action "Add iview to operation" in the context menu for the iview. So far so good.

When I execute the operation, nothing happens. When I retrieve the list of iviews that are linked to my operation, nothing is found.

I have tried to do the same for other iviews/operations, but nothing seems to work.

Do any of you have experienced and/or fixed this before?

thanks in advance!

Best regards,