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Feb 24, 2011 at 05:13 AM

Program Type Progression for automatic module booking



Is it possible to use program type progression functionality to use for automatic module booking? For e.g.. I have a program of study with 3 stages each having 5 modules to complete. I want the system to check certain rules such as:

1. Previous module has been passed or failed.

2. No. of attempts in which student has passed.

3. If passed in 2, 3 and 4th modules taking retest then 5th module has to be passed in 1 attempt only.

4. Triggering a mail if 65 % of modules are not passed. Technically he has to pass 4 modules out of 5.

5. Next stage will have similar rules.

If i run it after the appraisal of 1st module will it allow automatic booking to happen for next module or not? My question might be wrong but just thinking of a possibility. If possible then what are steps involves?

As suggested by Prabhat in one of threads i can use Call-up point 002 and 003 badi "HRPIQ00MODULEREG0003" or "HRPIQ00MODULEREG0002" for checking all these rules and sending mails and which suits my requirement but then that is hard coded method. What if i want to change policy.


Vinod Kumar