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Is it possible to disable a menu item?

Using SBO 6.50.097 SP:01 EF:07 & VB6.

I am trying to disable the Fill User Table menu item depending on the type of user signed in. For example, if the user is not a superuser then disable the menu.

I can achieve this with the following code but I was wondering if there is a simpler or better way of doing it?


Private Sub Class_Initialize()

'Assume successful sign on to correct company.

'Now get user info.

Dim sUserCode, sSuperUser As String

'Get user signed on.

sUserCode = SBO_Application.Company.UserName

Set oRecordSet = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(BoRecordset)

sSql = "Select OUSR.SuperUser From OUSR Where OUSR.USER_CODE = '" & _

sUserCode & "'"

oRecordSet.DoQuery sSql

sSuperUser = oRecordSet.Fields(0).Value

If sSuperUser = "Y" Then

bSuperUser = True 'Boolean declared elsewhere.


bSuperUser = False

End If

End Sub

Private Sub SBO_Application_MenuEvent(pVal As SAPbouiCOM.IMenuEvent, BubbleEvent As Boolean)

If bSuperUser = False Then

If pVal.BeforeAction = True Then

'Fill User Table sub-menu UIDs start with "512".

If Left(pVal.MenuUID, 3) = "512" Then

'Do nothing when user clicks on menu item.

BubbleEvent = False

End If

End If

End If

End Sub


I was hoping to just use something like

If sSuperUser = "N" Then

SBO_Application.Menus.Item("51201").Enabled = False

End If

replacing "51201" with the MenuUID for Fill User Table, but this gives an error saying the menu item not found?

Any help is much appreciated.



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1 Answer

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    Posted on Aug 25, 2004 at 09:31 AM


    The menu collection is a zero based collection.

    For example:

    in order to disable the "Sales - A/R" menu you'll need the following code -

    <i>oApp.Menus(4).SubMenus(3).Enabled = False</i>

    <b>oApp</b> - the Application object

    <b>Menus(4)</b> - represent the Mudule menu item (will be best to go over the collection and look for the string "&Module")

    <b>SubMenus(3)</b> - represent the "Sales - A/R" menu item

    once again - in the long way:

    <i> Dim oMenu As SAPbouiCOM.MenuItem

    Dim oMenus As SAPbouiCOM.Menus

    Set oMenus = m_App.Menus

    Set oMenus = oMenus.Item(4).SubMenus

    Set oMenu = oMenus.Item(3)

    oMenu.Enabled = False</i>

    it is recommended to view the application object and its collections using the debug mode watch.


    Yaniv G.

    SDK Consultant,

    SAP Manage Israel.

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