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Feb 23, 2011 at 08:14 PM

SAP Netweaver BPM Questions - Appreciate all BPM/BRM Experts's Inputs


Hi All,

I have few questions on SAP Netweaver BPM/BRM

1) I read through so many documents and believe I am in a position to do some hands on but still a little scared and confused on where and how to start using SAP NWDS (already downloaded in my machine)

2) I downloaded CE server from SDN, but no luck in making it work. Can anyone guide step by step instruction on installing and downloading CE and NWDS once again so I can reinstall those in my PC properly.

2) I have already got a full fledged BPM/BRM scenarios in my Customer system but wanted to import those in my SAP NWDS to familiarize myself with BPM. how do I export those objects from the customer system and import in NWDS?

3) What are the best tools and practices to follow during BPM/BRM tenure?