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Feb 23, 2011 at 05:10 PM

Counter based preventive maintenance - best setup for replacement order?



I am working on the setup of maintenance planning for a regular exchange of parts, happening once a part's lifetime is exceeded. Some outline of the scenario we have:

1) The part's allowed use is maximum 650 kwH, until it needs replacement.

2) SAP regularly gets the current absolute usage value via interface, ranging 0.> > > 650, then down again to 0 > > after each replacement. For each reading a measurement document is created on the assigned measuring point.

3) The tricky part: Replacements might be early, meaning that the part is exchanged before the allowed lifetime, e.g. at 600 kwH wear, when the counter would drop to 0 again.

My current setup uses a single counter with Counter Overflow Reading of 650, and a single cycle plan to call a maintenance order once 80% of the usage is exceeded. However, we experience that in case of early replacement, the overflow addon (e.g. 50 in case of replacing at 600) is added to the "wear calculation" for the new order, causing the next call to happen earlier than intended.

What is the best way to solve such a scenario in plant maintenance? Thank you in advance for any pointers.