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Feb 23, 2011 at 03:16 PM

Moderator please


Subject: Reduction Strategy


When reduction strategy will work in the following principle

top - down

bottom -up

strict bottom up

and how i can check this concept ?


This thread was rejected.

I don't think anything wrong in this post. It was posted after searching and seeing 28 threads related to reduction.

I am PM consultant and to handle PS issues in my company as there is no PS consultant.

I am struggling in this module. but two of posts are rejected or locked. This is not happening in other forums except this.

It should motivate the beginners.

I am waiting for the answers from others but when i checked the mail it was rejected. It can be locked after getting the confirmation from the user who posted.

Telling other to go for a course - It is not good.

The location where we are working is remote.

Please take it in positive.