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Feb 23, 2011 at 11:38 AM

OLE - XL Sheet not opening


Hi All,

Iam extracting data from al11 and putting that data into xls using ole. Now when i try to open that file it is not opening.

i dont want to display xls directly but i want to save it to a local drive and open it later .

For this purpose i had written a code as

create object w_excel 'EXCEL.APPLICATION'.

set property of w_excel 'VISIBLE' = 0.

visible set to 0 because i dont want to open data in xls after just executing my report.

call method of w_workbook 'SAVEAS'

exporting #1 = p_file.

To download the file in specified location.

When i try to open after downloading its not getting opened. One more thing is if i open any other XL Sheet in my local machine then this ole XL Sheet is getting opened.