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Logical Port error when changing the web service provider port


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this SOAMANAGER question. In my ABAP program, I need to consume an external webservice.The webservice provider is a C# program and the port of the webservice is 80. So I create a logical port pointing to that web service with (port number 80) and it is working.

Then I change the webservice provider's port number to 8080 or 8001 in the external program(IIS). I can access the webservice via URL in browser successfully if I specify the port number like But when I go to the logical port settings tab 'Transport Settings', and change the port number to 8080. My logical port will not work and I can see the ping web service error 'ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED'.

I checked the ICM trace and still can not find out the reason. Did I miss any steps?

I attached part of the trace file.icm-trace.txt

Thank you very much for your help!

icm-trace.txt (3.9 kB)
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  • The error log from SRT_UTIL:

    Short text:


    Long Text:

    HTTP communication failure

    Message no. SRT_CORE111


    The sending of an HTTP request was aborted due to a configuration error of the logical port (wrong target host name, wrong target port number or wrong proxy host name, wrong proxy port number, wrong proxy user, wrong proxy password), to a network problem or the target system or the proxy system is temporarily not available.


    Check the logical port configuration for accessing the target system (target host name, target port number and also proxy host name, proxy port, proxy user, proxy password) and also ask your network administrators to check the network and the target system.

    In case of configuration error, run transaction SOAMANAGER for a re-configuration of the logical port to correct the target host name or target port number.

    How To Save Error Entries

    If you want to save one or more error entries (displaying in detail and not summary mode) to your computer for sending it later to your collegues or to SAP Support, just do the following:

    • Mark one or more error entries you want to download
    • Click "Download as XML".
    • Confirm the pop-up for saving.
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