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Former Member
Feb 23, 2011 at 09:29 AM

multi level release strategy for PO


Hi Experts,

could You pls, help me to find out what I miss when I try to build 2 level release strategy for PO.

I want to have a two level strategy based on PO net price: 1. if value lower then 100 EUR u2013 no approval required, 2. value between 100 - 1000 EUR only S1, 3. Value above 1K EUR S1 + S2 required, (S2 only after S1)

I have the character, class, group code etc set, and I have 2 strategies:

A1 u2013 only for L1 in classification cekko-netwr >100 EUR u2013 works fine

A2 u2013 L1 and L2, in classification cekko-netwr >1000 EUR, release statuses: L1 0 L2 0 u2013 B; L1 X L2 0 u2013 B; L1 X L2 X u2013 R (where 0 means not approved, X approved)

Both assigned at CL20N.

But I never get the A2 required approval , nothing at ME28 for A2.

Could You pls let me know how to set a 2 level release strategy?

Answers will be appreciated