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Feb 23, 2011 at 01:28 AM

Launchpad - No valid target content area found



I created a FPM component configuration with two pages.

On the first page I defined a UIBB with the view LPD_MAIN_WINDOW and 3 buttons for the map, directory and index. Also I created a configuration for this UIBB.

On the second page I defined a UIBB with the view LPD_AREA_WINDOW and assigned the same UIBB configuration.

When starting the application all seems ok. I have defined one top level folder in my launchpad role (transaction LPD_CUST).

This folder is displayed in the Launchpad as link. When I execute this link I expect that the second page is being displayed, to see the applications of the top level folder.

Instead I get the message "No valid target content area found" and the navigation to the second page is not executed.

I compared my configuration with the example configuration of FPMGB_TEST_LAUNCHPAD but I can't see a difference.

Could anyone help?

BR, Edgar