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Feb 23, 2011 at 12:01 AM

UDT and UDF issue


Hi Experts

I am having an issue when creating a user defined table to supply data options to a user defined field which we wish to place in marketing documents.

The UDF requires the following options which it will take from a liked UDT:

Late Delivery - Carrier / Transit Delay 39

Late Delivery - Supplier Delivery Delay 39

Late Delivery - Internal Processing Issues / Delays 51

Failed Delivery - RTS (Input Error) 35

Failed Delivery - RTS (Customer Refused) 40

Failed Delivery - RTS (Unable to Locate) 41

Delivered Short - Picking Error 31

Delivered Short - Data Input Error 34

Delivered Short - Lost in Transit 33

Delivered Short - Insufficient Packaging 40

Delivered Excess - Picking Error 32

Delivered Excess - Data Input Error 35

Delivered Damaged - Carrier / Transit Issue 43

Delivered Damaged - Insufficient Packaging 42

Delivered Damaged - Supplier Direct Delivery 44

Incorrect Item - Picking Error 30

Incorrect Item - Data Input Error 33

Incorrect Item - Supplier Issue 31

Production Issue - Internal Processing Quality 46

Production Issue - Internal Data Input / Communication 54

Production Issue - Supplier Quality / Processing 48

Disputed Charges - Input Error (General) 40

Disputed Charges - Special Prices Not Applied 45

Disputed Charges - IT System Issue 34

Customer Returns - Not Pre-advised (See Details) 49

Exchanged Goods - See Comments 31

Commercial Decision - See Comments 34

Other - See Comments 20

As you can see most of the field lengths are over the nvarchar(30) characters limit. My requirement is to be able to change this limit to meet our requirements of up to 55 characters by altering the setting using SQL Management Studio. However when I tried this in our test system I was not able to view any of the UDFs when I opened a sales order u2013 the box would not appear if I selected UDFs from the View menu or clicked CTRLSHIFTU.

Secondly if we were able to make this work by altering the column setting in SQL are we causing problems for our support with SAP?