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Feb 22, 2011 at 04:02 PM

No Entry in Table T510 when the entry should be pointing to T710?


Hello Guruu2019s,

When we process an IT0008 change, we are receiving an error that there is u201CNo Entry in Table T510 for the key 10*###** **** on 2/20/2011u201D. This is a new entry in PM Compensation Management Job pricing  Pay Structures  Define Pay Grades and levels.

With that said, I did not set this up originally and I am new in to this area of configuration. Also, I configured this new entry based on the instructions that were left by the previous co-worker.

Now, from the research that I have done so far, the configuration that I was instructed to key in uses Table T710 which is why I am receiving the No entry in T510. From the entire configuration that I have checked in our system, we have never used table T510. So why it is yelling at me now, I cannot figure that out. I checked the feature TARIF and there is no configuration with any of our employee group/settings, but it is active and the otherwise is calling a program RPCADD00.

Just a little more history, we have been in the process of implementing Performance Management & Enterprise Compensation Management with consultants. The consultants are gone, so I am not sure if they turned something on which is forcing this to look at table T510 now or not?

We are on ECC 6 with EHP4 and any direction would be highly appreciated because I am at a lost here.