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Former Member
Feb 22, 2011 at 02:55 PM

how to access a url in file receiver CC with space in the folder name?



PI 7.11 sp4:

In a file receiver channel I would like to send the message to this folder:

"\bu\something\something\PTI eventstanden\archive\"

But I get this error message:

"Target directory 'F:\usr\sap\XP7\DVEBMGS02\j2ee\cluster\server0\"\\bu\something\something\PTI eventstanden\archive"' does not exist"

My question is: where the f.... does it get the 'F:\usr\sap\XP7\DVEBMGS02\j2ee\cluster\server0\ from, and how can I fix it?

One issue is the space in the folder name. I have tried to replace the space with %20 and then remove the "" s around the whole url, but without any luck.

When I log on the server on which Pi is running I can access the folder using the mentioned url including the ""s.

All suggestions would be highly appreciated!