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Feb 22, 2011 at 01:59 PM

Updation of Status


Hello Experts,

Facing problem in updating the statuses at equipment level.

Users are deactivating the equipments with INAC - Object deactivate status and if we take examples of other equipments they only have 2 statuses (AVLB & INST) but when we are putting the INAC status and saving we have 3 statuses (INAC, AVLB & INST)

Now client have one Z transaction where they are creating order directly by selecting equipment number.

Here if we again Activate the equipment status its showing the status as INST but at SE16 for JEST table there it is showing deactivated indicator for I0320 (INAC) status.Because of some program logic at Z transaction system is throwing error as it is taking INAC status from logic.

Could you help me in solving this as this is all standard functionality of SAP.