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Feb 21, 2011 at 04:47 PM

Data load from DSO to CUBE fails


I have a DSO which has 2 key fields - CUSTID and MATID and two key fields - Quantity and TotalSales. I have loaded some sample data from a flat file like the below

CUSTID                MATID                    QUANTITY                    TOTALSALES
C01                      M01                        PRINTER                      1000                                               
C02                      M02                        MOUSE                          500                                                 
C03                      M03                        KEYBOARD                    750                                                  
C04                      M04                        MONITOR                      1500                                              
C05                      M05                        HARDDISK                       800

And then I have created a InfoCube with 2 Dimensions - CUSTOMER and MATERIAL

CUSTOMER dimension has CUSTID as its InfoObject

MATERIAL dimension has MATID as its InfoObject

Now when I load data from DSO to InfoCube, it fails with the error - Process Terminated

But if I then move the MATID into the CUSTOMER dimension and delete the MATERIAL dimension and subseqently load data from DSO it succeeds.

I want to know the reason it fails as the system does not give any meaningful message