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Feb 21, 2011 at 09:27 AM

Problem while importing Chinese traditional - ZF language in ECC system


eHello All,

I am in process of importing Chinese traditional language - ZF to one of our ECC system. For installing I am following below steps:

1. Executed SMLT

2. Classify --> Saved ZF - Chinese traditional language

3. Imported support package.

4. Then Select language u201CChinese trad.u201D And Goto Language --> Special Actions --> Import Support Packages

while i am doing 4th step and importing support packages, For some of the old support packages the status is "Not found" as they are not there at OS level. (Ex: The status "Not found" is there for SP SAPKH60001 - SP 01 for SAP_APPL 6.00. While our system is at SAP_APPL version 604).

While i am deselecting this component it's giving me following message:

You can only exclude files from the import at the end of the list.

The Support Package import is incomplete. Continue the import with the missing


Can anyone please do let me know what has to be done to resolve this???