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Feb 21, 2011 at 09:26 AM

Strange issue on row selection in a wd_table


Hi all gurus,

I'm working on an SRM 7 system, specifically on the WD Component /SAPSRM/WDC_CTR_DOTC_IT, view V_CTR_DODC_ITEMS.

In the view there's a table showing items of a contract; we created a custom button ("item deletion") which simply triggers a method that sets the field ZZ_DEL_IND value to 'X' for the selected line(s).

Here's the method code:

METHOD onactionzdelete .

  DATA lv_action              TYPE /sapsrm/pdo_action_type.
  DATA lo_transaction_context TYPE REF TO /sapsrm/cl_transaction_context.

* Get instance of transaction object
  lo_transaction_context ?= /sapsrm/cl_transaction_context=>/sapsrm/if_transaction_context~get_instance( ).
* Set action id
  lv_action = 'DELETE_ITEM'.
  lo_transaction_context->set_current_action( iv_current_action = lv_action ).
* start ZZDEL_IND management
  DATA : lon_ctr_item     TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
  DATA : lt_elem_set      TYPE wdr_context_element_set.
  DATA : ls_element       TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element.
  DATA : deleted          TYPE abap_bool.

  CALL METHOD wd_context->get_child_node
      name       = 'CTR_ITEM'
      child_node = lon_ctr_item.

* Get the selected elements of the item table
  lt_elem_set  = lon_ctr_item->get_selected_elements( abap_true ).
* for each selected element, set ZZ_DEL_IND value
* Get the static attributes of all SELECTED elements into an internal table
  LOOP AT lt_elem_set INTO ls_element.
    CALL METHOD ls_element->set_attribute
        value = abap_true
        name  = 'ZZ_DEL_IND'.

    CALL METHOD ls_element->set_changed_by_client
        flag = abap_true.

  CALL METHOD wd_comp_controller->mo_bom_ctr->/sapsrm/if_cll_bo_mapper~fire_event_refresh( ).

Now, the problem:

- if I select a single row and press the button, ZZ_DEL_IND is set correctly for the selected row;

- if I select all the positions using the standard button SELECT->SELECT ALL , ZZ_DEL_IND is set correctly for all the selected rows;


- if I select more than a single position (holding CTRL key down), ZZ_DEL_IND is NOT set.

In debug, I've seen that the problems are in the fire_event_refresh( ), which in case of single selection or all positions selected triggers correctly an update process, while in case of multiple selection "by hand" does not.

In details: /sapsrm/if_cll_bo_mapper~fire_event_refresh triggers a method:

me->/sapsrm/if_cll_xo_mapper~fire_event_update( )

which itself launches the update process:

me->fire_event_update( IMPORTING ev_update_performed = ev_update_performed )

Here, the method extracts all the mappers for the WD and loops over them to check for something changed:

LOOP AT lt_mapper ASSIGNING <ls_mapper>.
      CLEAR: lv_exception_occured, lv_update_performed.
      IF <ls_mapper>-mapper->is_ui_changed_by_client( ) EQ abap_true.

And that's the problem; when processing the mapper -> (in debug), I can see that:

- when a single row is selected, or all the rows are selected via "SELECT ALL" standard method, then the mapper results changed by client (the above condition is then satisfied)...

- while in case of multiple selection , is_ui_changed_by_client( ) = abap_false.

Has anyone suggestions on how to overcome this problem? I guess it deals with multiple selection process.

Thanks in advance