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Former Member
Feb 21, 2011 at 03:00 AM

Transfer posting MB1B with MvT 311


Dear experts,

I have 1issue. For example, to do transfer posting from Sloc '1201' to Sloc '10F1' and '10F1' is in WM. With movement '311' , a transfer requirement is automatically created, followed by a transfer order creation screen.

I have automate all these process using 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE', 'L_TO_CREATE_TR' & 'L_TO_CONFIRM'. And it works fine.

My question is, physically the user is actually do the stock placement first to the storage bin then only they create a transfer posting. At the point of stock placement, the end user do not know the storage location to move stock. If I automate this process to create TO first then only do transfer posting, is it a correct way? I want to use FM 'L_TO_CREATE_SINGLE' & 'L_TO_CONFIRM'. Please advise.

Thank you.