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Feb 18, 2011 at 05:45 PM

Asset Control Management


Dear Colleagues,

At the company where I work,Users for Asset control are using;

KO01 - To create an investment order.

ZAFE_0002 - To set up capital project (Customised Application)

KO88 - for Settlement of investment order.

AS01 - For creation of asset

KOB5 - To start depreciation.

1. Is it possible to set up a fixed asset with various starting points for depreciation? For Example, we have a blanket AFE for Computer Hardware Replacement. This is used for multiple purchases throughout the year.We have created an asset for this in SAP and find that when we start depreciating newly purchased items,the system puts a backdated charge to when the first time the asset was created. The only way users think they can work around this is to create new internal orders and assets for each purchase. Can you suggest a better way?Sorry,I am MM/SD and only used briefly asset management some time ago...

2. Can you also advise on how to block an object code and cost centre combination? I rougly remember how to block an object code for posting but want to block certain cost centres with object codes to help prevent miscodes. It would be ideal for this to happen when the Purchased/Requisition is being completed.

Thanks for your help,