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Feb 18, 2011 at 12:04 PM

text Exception in UFD for remove duplicated file


hello Gurus,

i have a problem.

after following the wiky "Different ways to keep your Interface from processing duplicate files " i decided to crate my UDF and put it inside my graphical mapping.

All works fine but in case of duplicate file i have a error in monitor like this:

<SAP:Stack>During the application mapping com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_RTTicket1_ a was thrown: RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformatio~</SAP:Stack>

I would like put a more exaustive text like "file duplicated!!!"

i put this code on end of module:

catch(Exception e){

+ throw new BaseRuntimeException(" file is already processed");+


but no result.

any suggestion??

if u want i can send u code of all module

thanks in advance