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How and where to manage job BPM_DATA_COLLECTION_X?

Dear All,

Do you guys have any idea where to trigger this job : BPM_DATA_COLLECTION_X ?

Is this job : BPM_DATA_COLLECTION_X being triggered automatically whenever you save the "Business Process Monitoring" configuration (configured with proper setting on Monitor Schedule.) ?

Besides, realized the run time of this job : BPM_DATA_COLLECTION_X in my R/3 system is varies time to time..From the job log, it reading different Monitoring Object for different jobs..... may I know how to control the job to read specific Monitoring Object , for example :IMIDOC01? Is this controlled by the business processes that I defined (to be monitored) in the SOLMAN ?

Best Regards,


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3 Answers

  • Feb 18, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    Hello Ken,

    The Job BPM_DATA_COLLECTION_X should be triggered at managed systems.

    Please refer SAP Note No. 1300420 for more details and troubleshooting.



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  • Feb 18, 2011 at 03:48 PM

    Hi Ken

    Regarding on the job, BPMon trigger the job automatically if you use monitoring object with background data collection.

    The job is scheduled when BPMon is activated (every 5 min).

    In your monitoring object (let's say, document monitoring "purchase order"), you can specify when the data collection should be run and how (online/background).

    If you use background and specify the data collection on 2AM, the BPMon data collector job trigger data collection within the job

    in satellite system after 2 AM.

    (every 5 min, job is running, but since there is no necessity to do specific data collection, it finish quickly. But when it reach 2 AM, then the job needs to trigger data collection for purchase order, thus runtime of the job bit longer than other case).

    That is why, the runtime of this job become different. (Basically this comes from the setting of your monitoring objects).

    In your description, you mentioned "IMIDOC01". This object comes from IDoc monitoring. (IDoc monitoring is bit special). When you setup IDoc monitoring, it is scheduled to use background job and minimum frequency is every 15min. So if you use IDoc monitoring, it is designed to use background data collection framework by default.

    So when you activate BPMon in solman, the job is automatically scheduled in satellite system. (If you do not change the frequency, then I guess every 15 min, IDoc data collection is conducted.).

    You can also find out this kind of information in following document. =>media library =>technical document =>

    Trouble shooting guide BPMon. I recommend you to check page 15&16.

    (Page 16 decries exact behavior on the job).

    Hope this information help your understanding.

    Best Regards


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    • Former Member

      HI Keji,

      I am facing issue in BPMON, I have set up Analytic monitoring object for sales document, Job is running fine, But job log is showing this error:

      Job started

      Step 001 started (program /SSA/EXS, variant , user ID SMTMZP7)

      No Job RUNNING. Processing started...

      I: Equeue OK APPMONZ

      I: Dequeue OK APPMONZ

      Starting DC with Monid: 000001606840000 monitoring object: KPSD00

      Solution ID: ZP70020247162

      SID: SP7

      CLIENT: 100

      APPMONA: KPSD0003 000001606840000

      No Alert found

      End DC 000001606840000 monitoring object: KPSD0003

      I: Equeue OK APPMONI

      PTAB read failed. APPMONI

      I: Dequeue OK APPMONI

      I: Dequeue OK APPMONI

      I: Equeue OK APPMONZ

      I: Dequeue OK APPMONZ

      I: Equeue OK DA_IDOC

      I: Dequeue OK DA_IDOC

      I: Equeue OK APPMONZ

      I: Dequeue OK APPMONZ

      An we are not able see any data in the Dashboards of Solman.

      We are Solman 7.1 SP13.

      ST-PI 2008_1_700 0013 ST-A/PI 01S_700 0000

      In Managed system we have:

      ST-PI 2008_1_700 0011 ST-A/PI 01R_700 0002



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    Former Member
    Feb 21, 2011 at 07:41 AM

    Dear VivekHegde and Keiji,

    Is that possible for us to configure the "job class" of BPM_DATA_COLLECTION_X ?

    Best Regards,


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    • Hi Vishal

      What I described just apply the monitor run on application monitor framework.

      So back ground job monitor is not relevant. BPMon background job monitor run different framework. So it just run via online mode. And you only gave to option (critical/non critical) for data check interval.

      IDoc monitoring run on application monitor framework. In old setup session 15 min background data collection was default setting. But in new web based setup screen, default setting just gone.

      Best Regards