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Aug 18, 2004 at 09:20 AM

Easy way to copy MIME folders?


System: WebAS 6.20 - SP-Level 43

I want to copy the files in the MIME repository for the HTMLB, XHTMLB and UR libraries/folders.

(as described here">here>)

I can copy multiple files at once by selecting them and then use drag'n'drop - but this doesn't work for folders?

(although it should work according to this" target="_blank">">this part of the online help).

Is this just me not knowing some small clue or doing something wrong?

Or how do/did you copy all necessary files?

Another question - why does the design2003 not show up in the MIME repository? When I use design2003, the .css-file referenced is /sap/public/bc/ur/Design2002/themes/sap_tradeshow/ur/ur_ie6.css ...

Anyone to throw light on this for me?