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Off Cycle Advance Payment and deduction in Regular Payroll run

Hi Experts,

I have a scenario where the payment is made through off cycle and the during regular cycle, the deduction will be processed based on number of months we input in IT00267.

Example: Advance payment of 120000 - WT2527 and Number of months = 12

So the monthly deduction will be 120000/12= 10000

We have three wage types as below:

WT2527 - Input (0267)

WT9527 - Cumulative, this will process during regular payroll run

9H01 - Monthly deduction WT

Currently the customer requested to have new advance payment wage type for different off cycle reason similar functionality.

I have created new wage type, processing class and other wage types as required, however in one of the PCR the values are adding in both the wage types 9527 and 9535 which i have created for the new requirement.

this is old PCR.

Displaying image.png

Please find the screen shot and suggest how to implement this scenario.



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  • 1 - Can't see the "old PCR".

    2 - Advance Payment is done through WT 2527 on IT0267. Is Monthly Deduction (9H01) generated through a pcr or through IT0014?

    3 - Is WT 9535 a new "Advance Payment" WT also paid through IT0267?

    4 -How does WT 9527 work? Does it cumulate the reimbursements done through WT 9H01 and compare it to the CRT value of WT 2527, or does it work as a reverse counter, starting with Last Pay's value of WT 2527 and gets reduced every pay by the value of WT 9H01?

    5 - As for any Payroll related query, it is preferable to mention the country.

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1 Answer

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    Dec 12, 2016 at 09:25 AM


    Hi Remi,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    It is an international payroll (99).

    Let me explain the current functionality in the system.

    Off cycle will be processed with reason “0004” and the wage types as follows.

    We have three wage types as below:

    WT2527 - Input (IT0267) this will be processed through one of the PCR based on the processing class 92.

    The amount will be transferred to wage type "9H01" in the RT table.

    During the regular payroll run, there are two PCRs which will be processed and the cumulative amount will be stored in the wage type 9527, further which will be divided by the number of months and amount will be subtracted.

    In the next PCR, the balance will be generated from the cumulative value wt9527 and added to different wage type 9H02.

    I have attached the screen shots for your reference and please let me know if you need further details.

    I have to configure the same functionality for different wage type.



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