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Feb 16, 2011 at 09:46 PM

Tuple Loads using Import Manager


Running on 7.1 SP05 using the SAP supplied Vendor Master repostory archive.

Attempting to load company code data in the Vendors main table. Company Code Data is set-up as a tuple table in Console.

When defining the map in Import Manager it will only allow me to select Vendor Number as the matching field. And, as a result, it will not load all of the data in my load file - it loads the first value of Vendor Number and skips the other records where Vendor Number is duplicated. This makes sense; however, I need to be able to select both Vendor Number and Company Code as my matching fields when defining the map. These two fields are the unique identifier for the load file and all the data would be loaded correctly if I was able to select Company Code as well.

I read where you can set the tuple update option and I did this by adding Company Code, but for some reason, it is still only using Vendor Number as the matching field and not including Company Code with it.

Does anyone know how to get Company Code to appear in the "Mapped destination fields" so that I can match on both Vendor Number and Company Code? Or do other options exist where I could accurately load the tuple table?