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Feb 16, 2011 at 02:46 PM



Good morning.

I need to add an external library to my project. The library is the Apache POI ( Anyway, I do not know how to do it because it gives me many problems. I tried modifying the classpath and placing it in the lib folder of the project from "Navigator". Also project properties, add. jar outside, and throws me the following error:

The project not was built STI Since classpath is incomplete. Can not find the file class for java.lang.Iterable. Fix the classpath Rebuilding Then try this project. "LocalDevelopment ~ name ~ vendor."

Also this:

Indirectly this compilation unit references the missing type java.lang.Iterable (typically Some required class file is referencing a type Outside the classpath).

Given these errors, I know my includes without problems and I can instantiate objects from library classes, but these errors I can not deploy.

I read the following link:


but my version is 2.0.14 NetWeaver. On the other hand, did not understand because they do not know how to add "External Library DC. "

Infinitely appreciate any help. Thank you very much.