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Aug 16, 2004 at 03:58 PM

questions on web dynpro


good afternoon,

We need some clarifications on the web dynpro :

1- comparison JSP and Webdynpro :

what is a webdynpro ?

what are the sap specificities of a webdynpro

(compared to a web screen developed by other tools)

is it only the way to develop with a graphical tool

web screens ?

2- comparison of webdynpro for Java and Webdynpro for


What is a Webdynpro for Java compared to a Webdynpro

for ABAP ?

Is a webdynpro for Java a web screen develop in Java

and a webdynpro for ABAP a web dynpro written in


Is the develop tool to generate a Webdynpro for

ABAP integrated in R3 ?

Is the Java environment necessary for a webdynpro for ABAP ?

What is the interest for a Webdynpro for ABAP ?

3- Can a webdynpro be develop with java development tool on the market (webspphere) instead of Netweaver development studio. What is the added value of Netweaver development studio compared to the other tool ?

Are there some limitations not using Netweaver development studio ?

Thanks for your help & rgds,

Isabelle Bodet