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several questions on WAS

Good afternoon,

Please find several questions on the WAS :

1- What means having a WAS :

Is it having J2EE + ABAP together ?


Is it also having a J2EE alone ? (like the portal:

having j2EE 620 for the portal means having a


Could it be also having an ABAP environment only ?

2- Having a was(abap) 610 and a J2EE 620, what is the version of the WAS if was means J2EE + ABAP ?

3- Regarding ITS integration, is ITS integrated in the WAS 640 ?

If then, do we still need an NT server and for what ?

If the wgate service interated under unix ?

If ITS is available on unix, would it be separated or

included in the kernel or integrated in the was abap ?

Will we have an ITS 640 includd in the WAS 640 ?

Will it be possible to have an ITS 640 outside the WAS

640 ?

Thanks in advance for your clarification & rgds

Isabelle Bodet

4- what is the definition of the WAS ? : a list of component linked with OR or AND (ITS and/or JAVA and/or ABAp) ?


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Aug 16, 2004 at 07:34 PM

    Maybe you could first look here">here> then come back and ask a few questions or maybe even look here">here> as well then ask?

    Most of your questions are answered very directly in the documentation.

    As for ITS on Unix or Linux, we have and ITS server running on Linux now. As well as a WebAS server 620 (ABA and Basis installed) with J2EE engine on Linux. We previously had a 610 running on a window server. Our ITS runs separatly from the WAS but the WAS like any SAP R/3 System can then link to it or it to them. As for the future of ITS I read somewhere from SAP that it was delimited so I would not expect much more from it. Perhaps searching the Documentation about the ITS (Netweaver website) you might find more details about it'S future.

    A WAS is a <b>W</b>eb <b>A</b>pplication <b>S</b>erver, and from SAP that means ABAP and J2EE or with Netweaver you can install it with ABAP, with J2EE or with Both.

    As for more details please look [url=]here[/url]

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  • Posted on Aug 17, 2004 at 08:10 AM

    Hi Isabelle,

    SAP Web Application Server is the application platform for NetWeaver, that includes both, ABAP and Java. We are then talking about SAP WebAS Java or SAP WebAS ABAP. It is possible to install only parts of this.

    In future more and more applications will have both parts, so my guess is that installing only parts will make less sense then.

    Web Application Server has the Java part since version 6.20.

    ITS is integrated for WebAs from 6.40 on for all platforms.



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