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Function over RFC Call


I try to call an Function in SAP over a RFC Call in C++.

I established a connection via RFC and can send the call.

This is my request:

rfc_rc = RfcCall( handle, cha_prog,exporting, tables);

The function i called in SAP requires an importing parameter. So tried to put the format into the exporting parameter but i don`t know how?

My field definition in SAP is:

Parametername: I_IM_ID


How do i call the RFC correctly with an exporting paramter?

I tried the follwing code

exporting[0].name = "I_IM_ID";

exporting[0].nlen = 7;

exporting[0].type = RFCTYPE_CHAR;

but it doesn`t work.

Where have my value stand, which i want to export to the function?

Is it the "exporting[0].addr" field?

The value i want to export is put in a CString variable called cst_over;

Can someone post the correctly code for an correct RFC call?

I don`t know, if this is the right forum, if not i am sorry.



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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Posted on Aug 16, 2004 at 05:09 PM

    Hi Stefan,

    You need to allocate space for the parameter value to be received into, on exporting[0].addr:

    Something like:

    exporting[0].addr = malloc(<parm len> + 1);

    memset(exporting[0].addr,0, <parm len> + 1);


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    • Hi thanks,

      and in which parameter is the value itself set?

      The length of my parameter i want to export is always 4

      so the coding have to look like

      exporting[0].addr = malloc(4);

      memset(exporting[0].addr,0, 4);

      What is missed?

      Perhaps you can post an correctly RFC Call Coding?

      With my parameters.

      I am looking forward to your answer thank you!



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    Former Member
    Posted on Aug 17, 2004 at 07:19 AM

    Hi Stefan,

    Can you go into SE37 and display the source code of your RFC, and cut-n-paste the comment section at the top that describes the interface of the Function Module, into your next post on the Forum. Then I'll code up the interface for you.


    Piers Harding.

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    • For all here is a code that works.

      The error was that i dont send the "exporting[1].name = (char *)0;" value which shows that this is the last export parameter....

      here a full working coding

      exporting[0].name = malloc(8);

      memcpy(exporting[0].name,"I_RACKID", 8);

      exporting[0].nlen = 8;

      exporting[0].type = RFCTYPE_NUM;

      exporting[0].leng = 4;

      exporting[0].addr = malloc(5);


      int_racid = value->get_racid();

      sprintf((char *) exporting[0].addr, "%04d", int_racid);

      exporting[1].name = (char *)0;

      Thanks for all!