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Former Member
Aug 14, 2004 at 05:38 PM

Some questions about Mini WebAs 6.20



I just managed installing the WebAs 6.20 an after having a first look I have some questions which could possibly be answered by some of the SAP in this forum:

1) Is there any problem in having more than one installation? I'd like to have one on my notebook to do some practice when travelling around during the week but use an installation on my more powerfull home desktop computer on the weekend. Furthermore I'd like to get test the transporting system this way. Could I extend the license for both installations?

2) I saw that the system has the 711 kernel, due to the problems existing in the lower kernel versions (e.g. the bug which forced a developer to write "INTERFACE <name> LOAD." for every used interface was in a kernel release around this number) I'd like to have it patched to the latest one. Is this possible?

3) Can I patch the BASIS and ABA Packages?

4) Is it possible to get the ABA_PLUS for the MiniSAP to test the new features included like the ASSERT technology or the Business Rule Framework?