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Feb 15, 2011 at 11:56 AM

Queries on Planning parameters and ATP check



I have a couple of issues regarding Planning parameters and ATP check, and I was wondering if anyone could help.

1. We have a requirement right now of using the Planned delivery time in the Material master as working days instead of Calendar days for planning purposes. Any proposal on how that can be done?

2. We also have a requirement of taking the 'ordering calendar' into account for planning as well as for availability check - the ordering calendar is basically a weekly schedule when the POs are created and sent out to the Vendor.

Consider this example:

We have a material with Planned delivery time as 3 days and GR Processing time as 1 day. However, we send the PO to this Vendor only on every Thursday.

When the sales order is placed on Friday, using RLT the Sales order will be confirmed for Tuesday next week, but the PO will not even be sent to the Vendor till Thursday next week and we end up giving incorrect confirmations to the customers. Is there any way that this 'ordering calendar' could be taken into account in the Availability check.

Hope someone can help.