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Feb 15, 2011 at 10:19 AM

Table page break, header and string text field



i've already search (also in old posts) but solutions doesen'works for me and i don't know why. I've try all the combinations before post here. Here the problem.

I've a simple table. One field is of type C (called revision) and another of type string (called notes).

This table (created by drag and drop from Data "view" palette) has a header row.

The text is bigger that one page. I would like that each page break, the header row is repeated and the text continues on the next page.

So i put expand and allow multiple lines in notes field properties. Also i'd like that revision column is big (in height dimension) as the note colum.

Now thake the place only to print the single character.

It's difficult here explain what happens, so i get two print screen (attached to this post). I hope it's not a forum violation.

If it is, please close the post.

Please, how i can solve this situation ?

Thanks a lot