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Feb 15, 2011 at 07:57 AM

SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 : issue in alignment


I am developing a program which generates email notifications. The email body has dynamic data in table format as follows:


Date Day to from


Feb 11, 2011 Monday 10:00am 1:00 pm

Feb 11, 2011 Monday 3:00pm 5:00 pm

I have hard coded the alignment as follows :

WRITE : w_findata-coursestdt TO w_data+5(50).

WRITE : w_findata-course_name TO w_data+4(60).

and so on.

The problem is , the alignment works fine when i get the email notification in my outlook, but for other external emails, it is misaligned..

How can this be resolved? How can i dynamically set the alignment?