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Feb 14, 2011 at 03:43 PM

Contract defaulted in Shopping Cart



We are using Extended Classic scenario. We create a contract with a product category code on the item and itu2019s the only contract in SRM with that product category code.What happens is when the requester creates a shopping cart and selects that product category code then the shopping cart will automatically default to that contract number and I know that is the standard SRM behaviour.

But in some cases we do not want the shopping cart to default on the contract. The shopping cart may need to go to another supplier who we do not have a contract.We want the requester to have to go to source of supply and select the contract.

We want to avoid having shopping carts automatically default to a contract.

I know that I can get this functionality if I create a dummy contract but our user does not like this option so is there any other way to have a choice in selecting source of supply?