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Feb 14, 2011 at 02:58 PM

Account key required in mm



my client have following requirement,

We buy a lot of raw materials in loaned packaging (drums or IBC). The

vendors are invoicing the packaging as an extra item on their invoice.

Weeks or months later when we return the packaging to them we get a

credit note.

We look now for a suitable condition type "deposit for loaned packaging"

which refers to account XXXXXX and we can use in the purchase order.

Can you create such a type ?

I have created this condition type, But as per specified account, It is used in Equipment rent,

But In MM there is no any such eqipment rent Account key. So i am confused with this issue, Where do i assgn this account no

& which acciunt key,

Please help me out?

Thanks in advace.