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Former Member
Feb 14, 2011 at 07:41 AM

Queries wrt Pricing Procedure


Hi All,

I am newly in the subject of pricing procedure and I have some doubt regarding this:-

1. I have created a po, in which std. pricing procedure RM0000 is using,

in this pricing procedure, there are approximatly 40 to 50 cond, types are using but in PO

Why only 2 (PB00 and SKTO) are coming, why other one are not comming ?

2.How to get other cond. type also ?

3.What the use of Update button in PO in condition tab at item level ?

4. How will I get cond. FRA1 in my PO.

5.We can maintain the conditions in inforecord as well as in condition record,

so where the system fetch the value first, from inforecord or condition record ?

I appriciate, if any body rid me from the above doubts........

Thanks in advance