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Feb 13, 2011 at 08:16 AM

sick leave for international payroll


Hi All,

Sick leave policy of our client (negative time)

"First 14 days(1- 2 weeks) Full Salary

Next 14 days (3- 4 weeks) 75% Salary

Next 14 days (5- 6 weeks) 50% salary

Next 28 days (7- 10 Weeks) 25 % Salary

More than 70 days (10 Weeks) no Salary"

How to configure this in Time (Negative Time), with a single "sick leave type", how to write a rule for this.

Can we do some thing in below node in IMG

in payroll - Absence -Valuation of Absences with Quota Deduction

Currently we created 5 leave types which is dificult for user to handle,