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Need ur suggestions on "characteristic relationship"


we've a planning area with Material & materialGroup included in it and MaterialGroup is an attribute of Material characteristic. we have been planning and writing data(forecast data) into cube since 1 year without valid combination check for "Material & MaterialGroup". This way, cube has got invalid "Material & MaterialGroup" combinations.

let'z say material master data has values 1 & 2 with its materialGroup attributes 1A & 2A respectively.

our requirement is, cube should have only 1-1A & 2-2A combinations. But, lack of validation allowed 1-2A & 2-1A combinations.

Now, we are trying to use "characteristic relationship" of type attribute. For this, i'd like to know ur suggestions for the impacts caused by changing the cube structure with characteristic relationship alignment.

after characteristic relationship,

--> what happens to previous data with both valid & invalid combinations?

--> does the previous data still valid?

--> what is the best bet to deal with invalid combinations 1-2A & 2-1A records?

--> How abt "reposting (characteristic relationship)" function?

--> Has any one used this function? what are the impacts, if i change 1-2A & 2-1A combinations to 1-1A & 2-2A respectively using the above function?

I appreciate any kinda suggestions u have, r u might have faced in dealing this kinda issue

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1 Answer

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    Posted on Aug 11, 2004 at 06:46 PM

    Hi Hari,

    Create the Characteristic relationship of type attribute. Then use this in the repost function to repost the historical records. After that you are set. It works quite well..

    Obviously the impact is that the reports which run by material group will look different. Overall they will tie to history but individually they would be different.

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    • Hello Hari,

      your example can not work. If customer code is an attribute of ship to then you can't have master data as you listed. "ER" can only have one customer code, not two.

      In general, if you have invalid data in an InfoCube (according to existing or new char.relationships), then you can not change this data anymore using layouts. You have to use a planning function. The easiest is to use the "Repost (char.rel.)", which adjusts the data according to the relationships that are valid at the time of execution (exception if you set the key date on the planning area).

      However, first of all it is a business decision how to handle data that becomes invalid. A lot of time it's historical data (actuals or old plans) that you must not change anyway. So the repost process is not used too often.



      SAP NetWeaver RIG, US BI