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Feb 12, 2011 at 06:54 AM

Amortisation in money market


We have activated Ehp 3 and found 'permit premium or discount' in transaction type definition. When we do the transaction, nominal value field is appearing. But i have a doubt which is explaied below:

Loan amount- 100 ( to be recived from bank)

trans. cost- 2 (payable to broker)

net loan- 98

As per IFRS, we need to show loan value at 98 and INR 2 needs to be amorised over the loan period using effective interest rate. As per IGAAP, we need to show loan amount as 100 and trans. cost shall be charged to p&L.

If we give loan amount as 98 then it will not be correct since amount received from bank is 100.

Since the transaction cost needs to be accounted how the same shall be doen so that we can meet both IGAAp and IFRS requiremests.