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Feb 11, 2011 at 07:52 PM

[Help] Move ECC system from one server to another - Considerations


Hi Guys

We currently have two SAP ECC 5.0 Instances over DB2 9.7/AIX 6.1 on a same server (WS01), and now we are splitting this, by leaving Development box on WS01 and moving QA to WS08

What would you think/recommend the best approach to fulfill this requirement

Im taking in mind such things like, transport system, RFC connections, Database and SAP Profiles

What steps would you think are mandatory to have QA system fully working on a brand new server

Is an option to install an system from scratch on that new server (WS08), and they restore the actual database and perform the post processing steps just like a refresh, and then adding that system to the actual ECC landscape

Best Regards