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Feb 11, 2011 at 05:26 PM

pricing condition types


Hi Gurus,

I need to clarify on manual adjustment of pricing.

1. what determines that a condition type for pricing can be added manually if they are not proposed automatically?

2. To set a condition type as mandatory, is it to set it in pricing procedure config screen or in the condition type config screen itself? ( I have no access to SAP system). I have created condition records but seems like its not in that screen. Also checked the condition type spro screen and setting does not seem to be there.

3. To confirm, if set mandatory, it means a condition type is implied to be a manually entered condition type and without any value entered, the doc cannot be saved.

4. To confirm, if set as manual, even when there is no value entered for this condition type in the doc's condition screen , the doc can still be saved if this condition type is not set as mandatory.

5. To confirm : A condition type is set as manually entered and not a proposed condition type in the condition type config screen setting : 'manual entries'.

Have a nice day.

M Russo