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Feb 11, 2011 at 04:06 PM

Reg: ABAP code for customer exit variable


Hi Team,

I have a requirement to create a report based on an multiprovider 'TEST'.

Based on the input selection of Period; I need to define a Keyfigure X which will be a count of value available for that Period in one cube involved in the MProvider. E.g.: If for period 12, the value = 1 in the cube; then this keyfigure will give the count as 1 in the output of the report.

The second KF Y values are available in the second infocube directly: ibut should be displayed based on the value of the KF 'X' with logic as if X > 0 ; then the values should be read from the second infocube in the report. & if X <= 0; no values should be displayed.

Please help me with the ABAP code to be used in the query level.

Thanks & Regards