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Feb 11, 2011 at 03:25 PM

Design Issue


Hello All,

I need to accomplish this functionality. Please advise on how I could do this. In my client, they want to forecast for the current year and plan for the next year using the same version:FCST. In my input schedule, I have accounts writing to YEAR.INP time member for yearly values which derive the monthly values and I also have few accounts on a individual month basis (2010.JAN etc). In default logic, I have a BADI to do the calculation. In my time dimension, I have a property named Version which has values FCST for open periods. For instance, if my current month is OCT 2010, it would FCST for OCT 2010 thru DEC 2011.

My Input schedules are always set for only 1 year. How can I scope my statements to run only for the year that they are planning in the Input Schedule. I cannot do %YEAR%.INP because it all always set to 2010.INP as I have months open in 2010. I am assuming it's looking at the first member of the time set.

Ideally, I would need something like this:

Select from TIME where VERSION property is FCST and YEaR is the year that they are planning for. How can I accomplish this?

Thanks for your inputs!