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Feb 11, 2011 at 02:11 PM

unwanted default value in query after RRI


Dear RRI, query gurus,

I have 2 web templates, 1) a source en 2) a target, which are linked with eachother via Report to Report Interface.

The filters are the same in both queries.

the idea is that from a general view, you can 'jump' to a detailed view, automatically keeping the used restrictions of the first view.

I have a restriction in the query definition on closing date (only records with initial closing date), but not on start date.

When i 'jump' from the source query/template to the target query/template, it puts by default the start date on initial... resulting in 0 records. i checked if it's correct, but the group of records i selected, all have a not initial start date.

question: what might be the reason for the unwanted default filter on 'initial start date'??

no, there's no filter in the query definition, neither a variable for start date is used.

the selection also doesn't come from a restricted key figure.

This happens in production. In dev. it's ok, and the settings dev. en prod. are the same.

In rsbbs (RRI settings), i see that in production there's closing date included, and not in development.

No idea how come, since i didn't change this (and definitely not directly in production).

All ideas are highly appreciated!

Thx in advance.