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Feb 11, 2011 at 11:06 AM

Connection object Number Ranges


Hi Experts,

Internal number range was not working in Connection object

When I press enter at ES55 screen the following message was coming

Internal number assignment not possible for structured key


You have not entered a connection object, device location key, or a property key.

Since the key has structure XXXX-XXX-AA-NN, a number cannot be assigned internally.

System Response

The transaction was terminated.


Assign a key with structure XXXX-XXX-AA-NN.

After this message I have deleted the existing number ranges and added new number ranges in configuration settings,

NO: 01 From No: 1 To No:10000 current no: 0

NO: 02 From No: 10001 To No:20000 ext after that both internal and external number ranges were not working. How to resolve this error please guide me.