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Feb 11, 2011 at 10:56 AM

EHP5 SP0 upgrade - Missing SAP_APPL 605 SP03 in BIND_PATCH phase



We are in a process of upgrading our system to EHP5 SP03 from EHP4

basis release 06. During BIND_PATCH phase of upgrade, calculated queue

did not provide the option of SAP_APPL components and the log

read u2018Component SAP_APPL not patchableu2019.

Additionally some other components such as IS-H, IS-M etc. are missing

from bind_patch output.

We tried to re-run whole upgrade process to ensure we have not missed

out any thing however it did not help.

We have already carried out EHP5 upgrade on

2 our systems with no issues, the only change with our current system

is that we have implemented HRSP 31 recently due to which some our

components have been upgraded.

Some points to mention:

- Same EPS/in we are using for all upgrades so no chance of other ACPs.

- Same set of patches are being used in all upgrades.

- Target SP stack is exactly same in both the upgrades however as we

mentioned earlier, there was a difference in source SP level.

Current quality system source stack u2013 EHP4 BASIS release 06 along with


Development system source stack u2013 EHP4 BASIS release 03

Is our bind_patch calculation appropriate or we are missing some steps?

Cheers !!!